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Lift Chairs

Ease of Use

Our Lift Chairs (sometimes called medi-chairs) are easy to operate. With just a push of a button you can stand or recline simply and smoothly.

Size Selection

With lots of styles and sizes available, it is important to select a chair that is size appropriate. You need to be properly supported for the time that will be spent in the chair. Make sure, in particular, that seat height and depth are correct. We’re please to assist you with selection.



We sell and rent hospital style beds. These allow the power adjustment of the head and foot sections, as well as the overall height of the bed to make transferring in and out of bed easier.

Mattresses for hospital style beds are foam and are designed to reduce pressure on the body after long periods of confinement.

Pressure relieving mattresses are designed for those at high risk of losing their skin integrity or have pressure sores. They come in static and power models, and generally incorporate some form of air support. 

We also sell power adjustable beds in twin full and Queen sizes. (see http://www.harmonybeds.ca/ )

Aids to Daily Living

We try to stock a wide variety of assistive devices for reaching, eating, bathing, sleeping, dressing, homemaking and personal care. You can view many of these items at

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Incontinence Supplies & Urological Supplies

We can provide a wide variety of needs from catheters to ostomy supplies. As well, we have a wide selection of protective underwear and under pads for dealing with incontinent issues.

Remember, we do deliver.

Skin Care, Wound Management & First Aid

We have hospital specific moisturizers, barrier creams and skin cleansers. These products are generally without fragrance.

We stock most items required in the various Worksafe BC certified first aid kits. If your business or organization needs to upgrade or obtain a first aid kit, help you with the requirements.